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Selling your house? How much is it worth?

April 13th, 2020

Are you selling your house? How much is your house REALLY WORTH?

Here are some tips for calculating the true value of your home in San Antonio...

Think Like an Appraiser Appraisers are market-experts at determining the value of any given home. Primarily, they consider the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, total square footage, lot size, age of the property, HVAC system, and overall condition. You'll also want to factor the crime rate of your neighborhood, local amenities, and even public transportation access.

Look At Nearby Sales The best way to determine how much your home is worth is to find another similar home (same number of bedrooms and bathrooms and in similar condition) in your neighborhood that sold within the last few months. The more similar the comparison, the closer the sales price will be to what your home is really worth.

Find Your Price-Per-Square-Foot Price-per-square-foot is one of the primary metrics that house appraisers use to determine the value of a home. The easiest way to determine your PPSF is by comparing your home to other similar homes in the area that have sold recently.

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